May 4, 2012 Certificate of Honor, Board of Supervisors

Rodrigo Santos – For his service as a Structural Engineer innovator who has demonstrated a commitment in educating the youth of San Francisco

2008 California Legislature Certificate of Recognition – Mission Language Vocation School Entrepreneurial Honoree

Rodrigo Santos – Honoring outstanding commitment and contributions to influencing public policy through education and advocacy, while continuing to promote education programs for all, thereby benefiting all the people of the City & County of San Francisco and the State of California

June 20, 2005 Certificate of Honor, Building Inspection Commission

Rodrigo Santos – In recognition for his outstanding and dedicated service as a Structural Engineer on the Building Inspection Commission, having served as Commissioner from January 2000 to February 2004, and as President from March 2004 to January 2005.

2004 American Institute of Architects, SF Excellence in Design Award

Project: Lieff Residence
Location: Rutherford, CA
Architect: Stanley Saitowitz Office / Natoma Architects Inc.
Design Team: Stanley Saitowitz, Neil Kaye, John Winder
Structural Engineer: Santos & Urrutia, Inc.
Builder: Kelly Pacific
Landscape Architect: Roger Warner

November 12, 2004 Architecture Magazine Award

Project: Guerrero Street Mixed-Use Development
Location: San Francisco, CA
Architect: Kennerly Strong Architecture
Structural Engineer: Santos & Urrutia, Inc.

2004 Wood Design Awards Wood Design & Building Magazine

Project: San Francisco Infill

Secretary’s Housing and Community Design Awards 2000 Allen J. Rothman Housing Accessibilty Award

Project: Leland Apartments, San Francisco
Architect: Kwan Henmi Architecture
Planning: Denis Henmi, AIA (principal-in-charge); Kiyoshi Matsuo, AIA (project manager); Joseph Chance, AIA (project designer); John Tam (project architect)
Client: TODCO, San Francisco
General Contractor: Cahill Construction
Engineering: Santos & Urrutia, Inc. (Structural); FW Associates (Electrical); Bill Mah & Associates (MEP)

1999 American Institute of Architects, SF Interior Architecture Award of Merit-Residential

Project: Art Foundation and Photo Studio
Architect: Pfau Architecture
Project Designer: Jay Serrao, Assoc. AIA
Project Team: Peter Pfau, AIA, Chris Tymoff, Casper Mork-Ulnes, and Melissa Szpik
Structural Engineer: Santos & Urrutia Structural Engineers, Inc.
Landscape: Ron Herman Landscape Design
Builder: Caletti Construction

1998 Concrete Masonry Design Awards Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada Grand Award

Project: Art Foundation & Photo Studio, San Francisco, California